Get started with Calendar Pro

What is it?

Calendar Pro app is a shared calendar for Microsoft Teams. It allows the members of a team channel to organize the team, manage availability, schedule their work and share events.

How does it work?

  • Add a new tab in a team, either a new team or an existing one.
  • 2. Search the "calendar pro" application
  • 3. Select 'Add'.
  • 4. Name the calendar, choose the display and security mode. These configurations can be modified later. Select the checkbox if you want to inform channel members of the added calendar. Select Save.

A new tab with the calendar appears in the channel. Right-click on the tab to change its display configuration, rename it or delete it.

Add a new event

  • To add a new event, click on the '+New' button in the top right corner. Add a title for the event, choose its start and end date. Add an optional description and choose a color if wished. It is also possible to add a new event by clicking on the chosen time slot directly on the calendar.
  • Once the event is added, channel members can click on it to update it: change its title, date, description and color.
  • The shared calendar is the ideal tool to get visibility on the events of all team members, to optimize teamwork and to better collaborate.